Sub-Contracting Opportunity for Traineeships for those aged 19-24

TCHC is an independent training provider that has been successful to deliver Traineeships to 19-24 year olds as a result of procurement with the Education and Skills Funding Agency. TCHC are looking for training providers with the track record and current capacity and capability to deliver Traineeships as a sub-contractor to TCHC in one, two or all three of the following regions; East of England, London and West Midlands.

TCHC has delivered as a lead organisation on Government contracts since 2004. TCHC has a strong commitment to encourage partnership working across the London, West Midlands and Eastern England region and strives to work with all LEPs in this area to promote initiatives across borders and sectors to improve skills and increase employment. 

TCHC is looking to sub-contract between £50,000- £250,000 to successful organisations.


Pathways to opportunity for young people across SELEP partnership opportunity

This programme is to provide support for under 25-year-olds not in education, employment or training to be prepared for various local opportunities locally, including those in sectors such as care, health, digital, logistics, education hospitality and visitor, construction and engineering and to provide the wrap around support that many young people will require, such as mental health, employability, financial well-being and housing support.

This will complement national initiatives such as apprenticeships by preparing young people to take these up. Preparing young people for jobs, apprenticeships and training in these sectors is an important first step to a long-term career.

Programmes should give young people the additional support they require to take up opportunities such as apprenticeships or jobs and provide wrap around support to address any barriers to sustaining employment that may exist also. Activities may include pre-apprenticeship and pre-employment training aligned to sectors, confidence building and wrap around support for aspects such as mental health, housing and financial assistance.

Programmes should consider any barriers presented by Covid-19 and seek solutions such as online learning, telephone support and advice as appropriate.

TCHC wishes to work with local established providers of provision to under-25-year-olds that could deliver as part of a network of partners to provide fit for purpose solutions to meet the bidding requirements.

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Our Partners

At TCHC we are always looking for partners who have the same high standards and dedication to those they support.

What do we look for in a partner?

We look for many qualities in our partners but most of all we look for organisations with values and objectives similar to our own.

We are looking for partners who value:

  • Simplicity
  • Exceptional customer service and quality
  • Passionate delivery
  • The use of innovation and technology
  • Personalised products and services
  • Value for money 

Why partner with us?

  • We have extensive experience in the skills, employability and business support arena
  • We have proven and quality assured systems and processes
  • An innovative approach to project delivery
  • Quick mobilisation of project teams to meet any challenge anywhere
  • Open and transparent processes and partnering opportunities, ensuring our supply chain is maximised throughout.

TCHCs Board is fully committed to ensuring our plans and rationale for subcontracting fits with the overall objectives of TCHC and our curriculum strategy.

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You can find our Partnership and Supply Chain Management Framework Policy here.

For partnering opportunities with All Trades Training (a subsidiary of TCHC Group) visit the ATT website.

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