The Consultancy Home Counties (TCHC) has announced today that it is seeking partners to work with on ESFA programmes. The bids if successful would start in April 2019.

Like other teenage boys in Syria, Hamam knew the day would come when he would be called upon to join the national army. He knew this meant he would become part of the civil war which had raged in his country since 2011, and he knew it would involve taking innocent lives. And so the determined young man, then just 17, did the one thing he could to escape this unbearable fate – he left the only country he had ever known.

When Beth Ward moved to Chatteris from March in 2016, her confidence plummeted and she couldn’t leave the house without a family member. She would stay in bed until 12 pm every day, and she couldn’t foresee a future in which she felt brave enough to find a job.


A Whittlesea mum who had a nervous breakdown after the collapse of her 17-year relationship is looking to a brighter future with the help of a National Lottery-funded programme.

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Eighteen months ago, Jasmine had to flee from an abusive relationship for her own safety and that of her four children. She had to create a new life for her family in Bedford, a place where she knew no-one and felt the shockwaves of her turbulent past every day.