A new service has been launched in Northamptonshire to help young people who are unemployed or not in school or college. The support called My Future is tailored to the needs of 15-18 year olds or 19-24 with learning difficulties or disabilities, to help them get job or college ready.

Designed to meet the needs of each individual, the programme offers a wide range of initiatives to help young people get back on track. The contract to run this essential support was awarded to TCHC by Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership who are managing the project funded by the European Union’s European Social Fund and the Skills Funding Agency.

The My Future programme has been successful in neighbouring counties where it enabled 1,000 young people to kick start their careers. In Northamptonshire the programme offers additional support for those facing significant challenges. Working with partners Catch 22, Reactive8 and Tresham College TCHC’s My Future programme aims to help young people succeed.

There are an estimated 1,130 16-18 year olds (4.6%) who are not in education, employment or training (NEETS) in Northamptonshire at the end of 2015* and it is this group and those at risk of falling into this group who are the focus of My Future.

Of the programme TCHC Chief Executive Officer Dale Morgan said: “Giving young people the chance to get their lives focused and back on course is what TCHC is all about. We have run similar programmes with great success and they have made a huge difference to the lives of young people. We are really looking forward to providing this support in Northamptonshire and helping young people have a future.”

Cathy Martin, Senior Programme Manager at NEP, said: “NEP’s key focus is to help unlock Northamptonshire’s growth potential and one of the main facilitators for this is investment in skills. Ensuring that all young people, whatever their stage of development or personal challenges, should have the opportunity to secure a worthwhile future and long-term career success. This is why the My Future programme deserves the support it needs to turn lives around and benefit our local communities and businesses alike.”  

More information on the programme can be obtained at www.mgn.tchc.net or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: 01923 698 481