A Luton mum-of-seven says a childcare course funded by workforce development provider TCHC has changed her life, giving her the skills she needs to finally fulfil her career dreams. Jeanne Mballe Sube has been a full-time mum since she had her first child in 1999 in her native France. Since then, she has had six more children with her husband Arnold, including two sets of twins. The 32-year-old, who moved to England with her family three years ago, said: “I have put my life on hold while being a mum. 


“I started to feel like I needed to do something for myself, and I heard about a childcare course with Open Doors Training and Development Trust in Luton. Working with children has always been my dream, so Arnold encouraged me to go for it.”

Along with around 20 other participants, all of whom were unemployed at the start of the course, Jeanne spent one day a week for six months with Femi Mafoh from Open Doors. He said: “The course, which was funded through a £15,000 Community Grant from TCHC, included topics like health and safety, language and communication, and physical well-being. At the end of the training, the participants gained a level one certificate in childcare, enabling them to work in schools.”

Jeanne, who lives in Kingston Road, said the course was of great value to her. “It was so interesting,” she said. “It was like going back to school and it really changed something in me. Even though I’m a mum of seven, I learned lots of things about taking care of other people’s children, especially when they come from different backgrounds. 

“It was also fantastic to meet other people as part of the course; this was something I hadn’t really had the chance to do since I moved to England.”

She added: “I’m now planning to take my level two and three certificates and will start working from home as a childminder in September. The course has completely changed my life and I’m so happy I took part.”

The Community Grant was awarded to Open Doors by application managers TCHC, with the overall project fund coming from the European Social Fund and the Skills Funding Agency. TCHC was awarded £2.4 million in total to be distributed amongst small, third sector organisations which help disadvantaged learners move closer to work.

Chief executive of TCHC, Dale Morgan, added: “We are extremely pleased that the Community Grant has been used to such great effect by Open Doors and that it has had a truly positive impact on participants like Jeanne.”

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