TCHC Group Building Better Opportunities Community Connections North Programme focused on supporting people with complex or multiple barriers to find employment. The programme funded by The National Lottery Community Fund/ESF has recently undergone evaluation and the reports can be viewed by clicking on the links below. 


"The Social Return on Investment ratio for the GCGP programme is for every £1 spent £10.11 of social value is created."

To view the GCGP SROI Report, please click here.


"A resilient and resourceful partnership that continued to deliver and support the participants throughout the pandemic."

"A high performing programme which changed hundreds of people’s lives for the better."

To view the Evaluation of the Building Better Opportunities GCGP Community Connection North Programme please click here.


"The support and training I have received is very good. It has helped me to grow as a person and help overcome the barriers I had at the beginning when I first joined." The Ferry Project - Sarah

"It has helped me and my sister and given invaluable support. Funding like this has made a great difference to my journey. 99% of my recovery are down to Headway Cambridgeshire and the people who worked for them. They have been brilliant.“ Headway - Marie

To view Community Connections North Programme Case Studies please click here.