Apprenticeships are the way to go this day and age. They allow you to work your way up and gain qualifications and earn money while learning on the job, alongside experienced employees. Being an apprentice allows you to build contacts with relevant people in the industry, meeting new people all the time, also improving your social skills. This allows you to make a good name for yourself, expanding the opportunities available to you. Even the wages for apprentices have increased in the recent years which gives even more reason to start an apprenticeship now.



A lot of employers have struggled the last 2 years and haven’t been able to afford to take people on due to covid as a lot of business’s have had to take huge losses and even cut down their staff, so hiring an apprentice is the best and cheapest option for them. That way they can train them in house from scratch exactly how they want to instead of hiring an already qualified employee who has their own way of working which may not be how certain businesses run. In addition, another great aspect to an employer hiring an apprentice is that they will bring fresh ideas to the business especially the younger generation who have been brought up surrounded by technology. “The number of skills shortage vacancies has more than doubled to 266,000 since 2011”, found out by the Education’s Employer Skills Survey, this means if employers don’t recruit an apprentice, they would struggle to find a suitable and skilled employee.

University fees are set to rise above the normal £9,000 a year, meaning students will be in even more debt after there 3 years of educating which gives you even more reason to complete an apprenticeship where there is no cost involved, you will be training and working towards a qualification while getting paid, a win win situation. The students who go to university are going to be in debts of up to £60,000 which they will have to start paying off if they reach a reasonable salary which is the aim after all. Especially since the pandemic now all lessons are completed online which makes it more difficult for students to learn via zoom calls and to socialize with fellow students. And you can also get degree level apprenticeships to gain a bachelor’s degree without going to university full time, these specific apprenticeships are growing in demand. A third of university students regret attending university after the student debt, says Aviva.

No matter what career you are looking to get into there is apprenticeship vacancies across more than 170 industries, therefore not limiting your options and we can even expect these numbers to rise as new job roles become popular. TCHC are apprenticeship training providers and offer many different courses from a variety of different areas, from accounting, hospitality to digital and IT. Also, in most industries you develop skills which can be used amongst many job roles not just one chosen job which gives you that flexibility in the future whereas university you study one specific skill in a particular area. Universal skills include communication; developing professional relationships and working alongside a variety of different people. From listening to training sessions, speaking and getting involved with meetings and writing, most commonly in emails. Organisation; time management for different tasks, making sure your set goals are completed in time for deadlines. Adaptability; industries are changing constantly especially the digital marketing sector where technology is evolving more and more everyday. Employers expect you to adapt to different situations and environments, this is a crucial skill to have.

To conclude, for all the reasons stated above there hasn’t been a better time to start an apprenticeship for both employers and employees. If you have any further questions about apprenticeships and how they work you can contact us today. If you need a sign to start an apprenticeship, this is it, start your journey now to excel within your chosen career. No hefty tuition fees or debts. No more excuses.