Tips On Managing Stress












 For International Stress Awareness Week TCHC’s Head of Strategic Development,  Rosemary Fisher-Robins has shared her top tips on managing stress levels and ways to keep positive during such an uncertain time.

"It is National Stress Awareness week and, alongside the Government’s lockdown announcement, I have moved house and got a new puppy, so I thought it would be a good time to share some anti-stress methods, hints and tips with you that keep me positive and motivated. Over the years I have developed a set of beliefs that have allowed my brain to slide into a heighted state of positivity where anything is possible."

As always, this is what works for me and in the main are related to mindset, so take the parts that apply to you or just share with your friends and family if you think they would benefit.

  1. My Circle of Influence. I always try to focus on the things that I can change rather than the things out of my control. One of my personal mantras is if you can’t change something, change the way you think about it. There are some things that are completely beyond your control. (Including, the past, the future, the weather, the traffic, the economy, the passage of time, what other people think of you, how other people behave, where you came from, how old you are, death, taxes, and the price of petrol….) Many people spend their time railing against issues like these, wasting precious time and energy, when if they only accepted them, they could start creating meaningful change in other areas of their life. So focus on the things you can control, and take radical inspired action towards them.

  2. Life will always unfold with equal amounts of support and challenge. Yin and yang. Black and white. Up and down. Hot and cold. On and off. This means I try let go of the notion to be happy all the time, to win all the time, to feel ‘on’ all the time… That’s not how life works, and trying to attain it is a waste of energy.

  3. After reading ‘The Secret’, I truly feel that the universe has ears. It’s always listening to thoughts and words, and it will give you more of what you affirm. So I know if I always say I am tired or I am stressed then that is the reality I will manifest.

  4. I try to avoid comparison and stay in my own lane. Perfectionism is just fear in fancy clothing. Trying to be perfect will only slow your progress and keep you small. The imperfect action I take, is better than the perfect plan that’s never executed.

  5. Breathing exercises. Take a deep breath, let you head catch up with your body or your body catch up with your head. My day always flows much better once my mind and body are working at the same speed.

  6. Self-care. With a 4 year old, a new puppy, family, friends and an intense job it is easy to forget about yourself but I try to put some time aside each week for some pampering, a movie night or reading a good book.

  7. Listening to a podcast. I have really enjoyed listening Jay Shetty recently who shares inspirational stories from his time as a monk and speaks about finding purpose, harnessing collaboration and driving change. There are hundreds of funny, thought provoking and engaging podcasts out there; if you are looking for something more light hearted then Chris and Rosie Ramsey are a good starting point.

  8. Make a list. It is a simple one but a great way to organise your thoughts, arrange your most important tasks and start taking action.

  9. Ask for help. If I am struggling with a problem, I am becoming stressed about a situation or I need to just offload to someone I pick up the phone and call one of my friends, a family member or even work colleagues. The people around you are probably more willing to help and support you than you think!