Online learning has been available for a long time, but it has really come to the fore with so many of us in lockdown. Besides this obvious advantage at this time, what are the real benefits of developing yourself using online training?


  1. Wide choice of courses:
    If there is a course out there that is available in the classroom, then it likely to be online. Whether you want to improve your Leaderships, Maths, English, IT, Accounting, Customer Service, or are looking for courses in First Aid or other CPD courses you will find these online. There is no length of course that is not available to you, short, long, degrees or CPD training, they can all be undertaken as an online course

  2. Gain a qualification
    Just because your course is an online one does not mean that you don’t get an official qualification. There are so many accredited qualifications available and because they are accredited you can rest assured that your learning is high quality and no different to those you would complete in the classroom. Whatever the qualification you wish to study, there is bound to be one that suites your needs.

  3. Value for money
    An online course has lower overheads for the provider and so they can pass this saving on to you. That is why when you are looking at online training, you will find the price significantly lower than if you went to a go to a college or university. This does not mean that you get less of a service though, as it is in the best interest of the provider to give the best training and support – as good as if you were in a classroom, it just works differently.

  4. Many funded or free courses
    You will be surprised how many online courses are available that are funded by the government. This does not mean the quality of the training is less, in fact if it is funded then the courses will have had to pass certain quality criteria set by the funder and may be Ofsted inspected.

  5. Tutor on-hand
    You may think that because the course is online, that you will not be assissted. That is not true, many online courses offer support from tutors as well as additional learning support. They have remote video sessions with tutors, or you can email questions or request telephone support. Online courses want you to complete and get the benefit of the training and therefore they will offer a wide range of support.

  6. Career advancement
    If you are looking to improve your employment or career opportunities, then online courses can offer you just what you need. Many have been designed specifically for this purpose and because they are online they can be done much quicker than if you were in a classroom.
    Employers are always impressed by people who are looking to improve themselves, and making the decision to upskill yourself will put you ahead when it comes to promotion opportunities or passing an interview.

  7. Fits around you
    Online courses are not rigid like classroom learning where you must be at a set place at a certain time. With online learning you can do your learning when it suits you, whether that is after the kids have gone to bed, the weekend, lunchtime, in a coffee shop, you can do your training when it suits you. This flexibility increases the chance of you having the time and energy to complete your course and the benefits it brings.

  8. Comfortable learning environment
    Not everyone enjoys the classroom and it can put pressure on people. An online course means that you can study at home in a relaxed environment without the pressures of being amongst other learners. Getting to a college or classroom in time can be stressful, an online course means you don’t have to drive and find a parking space or go on public transport. You can study in your kitchen or bedroom if you want to!

What next?
Online learning may not be for everyone, but it does offer lots of opportunity to develop your skills and there is bound to be a course to help you. TCHC offer a wide range of short and accredited courses to help people develop new skills, Why not check out our website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.