A new initiative Community Connections North which is part of Building Better Opportunities, was launched today to support people furthest away from work to move them towards employment, training or education.

The programme running in Greater Cambridge, Greater Peterborough, Fenlands and surrounding area, brings together a wealth of local knowledge and experience from community organisations working together to help the more disadvantaged in the community move closer to work.

A new service has been launched in Northamptonshire to help young people who are unemployed or not in school or college. The support called My Future is tailored to the needs of 15-18 year olds or 19-24 with learning difficulties or disabilities, to help them get job or college ready.

Designed to meet the needs of each individual, the programme offers a wide range of initiatives to help young people get back on track. The contract to run this essential support was awarded to TCHC by Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership who are managing the project funded by the European Union’s European Social Fund and the Skills Funding Agency.

When Barnabas started a course with ActOne ArtsBase in St Albans, he was daunted at the prospect of meeting new people. But he gained such a boost in confidence that he has just completed a ten week dance tour of schools across Hertfordshire – something he never thought he would accomplish.

Community Grant funded Suffolk based Create has been shortlisted at the European Film Festival which takes place between 26-30 October. The £15,000 funding they received helped move 12 unemployed/economically inactive people closer to employment by giving them high quality training, equipment and work experience in the film industry. The outcome is the short film The hYve which will be shown at the prestigious festival.

A Luton mum-of-seven says a childcare course funded by workforce development provider TCHC has changed her life, giving her the skills she needs to finally fulfil her career dreams. Jeanne Mballe Sube has been a full-time mum since she had her first child in 1999 in her native France. Since then, she has had six more children with her husband Arnold, including two sets of twins. The 32-year-old, who moved to England with her family three years ago, said: “I have put my life on hold while being a mum.