The 3 March saw the launch of Opportunity Suffolk, a £2million partnership project led by TCHC designed to provide support and employment opportunities for disadvantaged people within the Suffolk.

A new service has been launched to support New Anglia businesses undergoing restructuring by providing support and training to their workers facing redundancy. Skills Support for Redundancy (SSR) is designed to help employees to stay in the labour market by providing them with enhanced skills to make them competitive.

A new support programme for local disadvantaged people was launched today in Ely. Joanne Goodall from the GCGP Local Enterprise Partnership welcomed the introduction of Community Connections, which brings together key organisations with a wealth of expertise in order that support can be accessed by local people with complex issues, helping to bring them closer to work.

The programme running in Greater Cambridge, Greater Peterborough, Fenland, King’s Lynn, West Norfolk and Rutland and surrounding area and has received £1.6 million of match funding from the Big Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund to enable it to develop a wide range of support opportunities for over 600 unemployed, disabled and disadvantaged locals across all ages.

A new support programme worth nearly £2 million starts in Suffolk from January 2017 and aims to help more than 730 people. Opportunity Suffolk brings together a partnership of community organisations with a wealth of experience in supporting people with complex issues. The project will help the most disadvantaged in the community into or closer to work.

A new initiative Enterprising People part of Building Better Opportunities was launched today to support over 250 people furthest away from work to move them towards employment and self-employment.

The programme running in the south east Midlands local enterprise area brings together a wealth of local knowledge and experience from community organisations working to help move the more disadvantaged in the community closer to self-employment or work.