Our My Future programme is all about young people and what they need to kick start their careers. It is a great resource for ideas, hot tips and tools to help them succeed. Whether they want a job, Apprenticeship, college place, to start your own business or if they are just not sure what they want to do this programme can support them whatever their needs...

Together we can help them develop skills, gain confidence and qualifications such as Maths, English, Customer Services, ICT and experience to ensure they succeed.

What does it include?

It offers workshops and exciting activities where they can learn new skills. The programme will help them to explore career options and build their confidence, so they can head off to a great future. Our dedicated team create a relaxed atmosphere that is both friendly and enjoyable, making young people feel welcome and at ease.

It’s not a school or college. We’re independent and want to see young people reach their goals and potential. My Future is tailored to their needs with their future in mind. Our personal advisers will be on hand to support and guide them. There is also the opportunity to work towards qualifications relevant to the jobs they want.

When they’re ready to take their next steps, our team will be by their side assisting with, finding a job or apprenticeship opening, CVs, applications, interview preparation, and much more.

Get in touch

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