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Redundancy Support for Businesses

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From Ebay to Sainsbury’s there has been a spate of large companies announcing that they are making redundancies. This is of course a difficult choice for companies to make, and it is one that large and small have to face. The redundancy Sword of Damocles hanging over employee heads doesn’t have to be so sharp; the edge can be blunted with rock solid support. The price of which need not break the bank, there is funded redundancy support out there that will cost you nothing.

So what type of support is available? If you have to face the fact that people in your company are going to lose their jobs, TCHC offers Skills Support for Redundancy. If your company is based in Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk or Norfolk we can help your employees face the future with hope and the skills they will need to take the next step.

The programme offers sessions on how to write an excellent CV, finding vacancies, applying for them and how to do a brilliant interview. But not just this, it offers all clients the chance to create an action plan to assess who they are, what they want to be and where they want to go. In addition free training may be available for those looking to change directions and want to develop new skills. To date we have helped 7800 people facing redundancy.

Redundancy is feared by many but others see it as an opportunity, a chance to change direction, do something they’ve always wanted to do or be their own boss. We have a lot of success getting people back on their feet.

Paul Dolman was facing redundancy from a Power Station in Essex. He was a plumber but industrial not domestic. He saw redundancy as a chance to start his own company but needed domestic plumbing qualifications. At TCHC we were able to sort out plumbing courses and he completed our business start up programme – Practical Skills for Business as he didn’t really understand all the requirements needed to run his own company. Paul has been a great success down to his hard work and perseverance and he won the national enterprise award IOEE Enterprising Learner of the Year Award 2014 beating many excellent entrepreneurs.

Another client was facing redundancy from Renault Trucks UK because the company was relocating, and that they were offering support via TCHC. Julia hadn’t had to look for work or complete interviews for some years and so wanted help and confidence in these areas. Having received assistance with CV/ applications and interview skills, she very quickly found herself a new job with another large motor company.

Making the decision to lay staff off is one of the most difficult decisions any business has to make, but there is support your company can access to make the transition easier and smoother for those facing it. Find out more about how TCHC’s Skills Support for Redundancy can help your organisation and your staff.

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