Building Better Opportunities: travel's no issue

Building Better Opportunities: travel's no issue

Travel to interviews, work placements or education facilities can be a hurdle, not just due to licenses or rail links, but finances too. This is a hurdle that many students potentially face when going to university open days this autumn. Fuel can cost quite a bit, and if you are travelling from one end of the country to the other, this can accumulate a significant expense.

Even if you have narrowed your choices down to two or three institutions, these could be at opposite ends of the country, therefore making travel essential and the expense a lot. This isn’t always easy for families on a budget, or perhaps, with mobility issues.

One University and rail company have taken this into consideration and are trialling a pilot scheme to offer free rail tickets to students visiting their open days this Autumn. But this is just one university.

Throughout all our Building Better Opportunities programmes we provide our learners with help towards travel costs. Making access to learning and work possible.
Our Community Connections North partner, Kickstart Mopeds, actively acknowledge the obstacles that can be faced with getting into work or education. They offer a free moped hire, training and safety gear for 12 weeks all in the effort to tackle social exclusion and enabling access back into work.
Other organisations within the programmes – such as Realise Futures- also offer help with Bus/train fares and other costs that can be incurred when getting into education or employment (or both in the case to starting an apprenticeship).
We want to make it possible for everyone to access education and work opportunities, no matter your circumstances.

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