Brexit preparation – is staff training the answer?

Brexit preparation – is staff training the answer?

Brexit is a topic that has been looming over Britain for a while and has been of concern for businesses.

Could Brexit negatively impact the economy, employability and the availability of jobs roles?

Scenarios are being formulated and no-deal Brexit speculations are sparking fear and emergency action plans within businesses. Nothing is certain, however, what most businesses are coming to realise is that constantly retraining/refreshing of methods and basic skills is essential to the growth and high standard within their workforce.
With this in mind, it is best to provide training and development opportunities within companies and through this, minimise any negative knock-on effect that the Brexit result may bring.
The focus now for most business is upskilling their current employees. There are little to no cons with upskilling, although there may be an initial cost in the amount of time employees need to take part in training and the cost of paying a training provider. But what businesses are left with are trained and competent staff that have -potentially- a fresh set of ideas and newly acquired skills, that can only benefit and better the company, in productivity, morale and profits.
Brexit shouldn’t be the only reason to undertake training for your workforce, yet if this is the trigger for it, great. You’ll certainly see the benefits to your business with improves staff retention, team morale and improved staff productivity. It’s a win all round.

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