Safeguarding - Everyone's Responsibility

TCHC Group Limited (TCHC) takes its safeguarding responsibilities very seriously and we want to ensure that all people using our centres and services are kept safe from all forms of harm.

We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to:

  • Respect each other’s right to feel safe
  • Treat others fairly and with respect
  • Not to threaten, hurt or abuse others

You can view a copy of our safeguarding policy here.


Call Out a Concern

If you have seen or experienced something which you don’t think is right and is concerning you, support is available and we want to prevent this from reoccurring. We can only do this if concerns are shared and we know that this can be challenging. You can now share your concerns with the Safeguarding Team by completing the Call Out a Concern online form and this can be completed anonymously if you wish to.

All concerns will be treated sensitively and confidentially. However, in the event that an individual is at serious risk of harm, we may share information with other agencies such as the emergency services or social care.

To access the form, please click here.

It is important you feel safe, if you are worried or concerned about yourself or someone you know, please talk to us:


Safeguarding Team

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Name Contact Area Covered
Alex Pazik - Safeguarding Manager 07732 684738 All
Claire Jeens - Quality Director 07545 924586 All
Josie Wright - Safeguarding Champion 01279 648430 Basildon (Bowlers Croft)
Steve Wilding - Safeguarding Champion 07720 090203 Basildon (Southgate House)
Lynn Jackson - Safeguarding Champion 01923 698443  Dunstable
Jodie Thomas - Safeguarding Champion 01473 232257 Ipswich
Sophie Jones - Safeguarding Champion 01733 301164 Peterborough
Ella Collet - Safeguarding Champion 07541 774089 Thurrock


How to Stay Safe Online

For tips and advise on how to protect yourself online please download our short guide here.