Nicola March - Partnership & Supply Chain Manager


Nicola is the Partnership and Supply Chain Manager for TCHC, working alongside our subcontractors and our quality department. Nicola manages performance and finance, supporting our subcontractors to ensure contracts succeed and that we are able to offer great services and learning experiences to all our learners, whilst ensuring that compliance and quality delivery takes place.

Having been in the industry now for over 13 years, the past two and a half working for TCHC, Nicola has mainly been working on our BBO, National Lottery Community Fund projects as well as work on other contracts for TCHC and as a Designated safeguarding Lead.


Sam Johnson - Quality, Compliance & Safeguarding Manager

SJSam joined TCHC in 2019 as an IQA and has been working closely with the Director of Quality to support and develop high standards of quality across the provision. Recently she was promoted to her current position and continues to work to support colleagues and partners to maintain high quality curriculums, ensuring the safety of all and that compliance is met.

She has always had a passion for teaching and mentoring others and has worked in training since 2006 after realising her ability to support others to achieve qualifications and develop their current knowledge was and still is a very rewarding experience.


Caroline Hawkes - Opportunity Suffolk (NALEP) Programme Manager

Caroline joined TCHC nearly 3 years ago and in that time has moved from being a Community Engagement Adviser, to a Team Leader and now the Programme Manager for Opportunity Suffolk. Opportunity Suffolk supports those who are over 24 and who have been out of work for more than 6 months. The aim of this project is to support those individuals to progress towards employment or training, although often there are complex and multiple barriers that the individuals face that makes this progression challenging.

The team work in a partnership with other organisations to help deliver this programme, each partner specialising in different support and barrier needs, ensuring that individuals are paired with the best employment adviser suited to their needs. Over the last couple of years, this project has come together and developed a strong team spirit, which has also helped to drive performance and the quality of delivery (even during lockdown, where the team learned to use remote technology to continue operations). 

Caroline enjoys working on this project, with the Opportunity Suffolk partners and with the TCHC BBO team. There is a culture of team working, support and finding solutions, which has resulted in a strong partnership, aiming to deliver the best possible project to our participants, but also build on relationships with our partners.

Kim Kitchener - Core Skills Manager and Lead Data Protection Officer


Kim is the Core Skills Manager and Lead Data Protection Officer for TCHC.  He started with the company in early 2016 as a learning Coach.  His passion for Functional Skills led him to first becoming the Functional Skills Lead to where he is today.

Having previously trained and mentored future managers for Tesco he moved into the education and training sector in 2010 as he wanted to help improve the lives and opportunities of others.

As part of the Quality team he also works closely with the Director of Curriculum and the Quality Manager to ensure that the required high standards of Teaching and Learning are maintained throughout TCHC.  He is heavily involved with the training of Tutors and Learning Coaches to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge to deliver first class teaching.

As the Lead Data Protection Officer he works closely with the Senior Management team to ensure that GDPR compliance is maintained throughout the company.


Estelle Gray - Programme Manager, Community Connections North GCGP


Estelle re-joined TCHC at the beginning of 2019 as the GCGP BBO team leader and was later promoted to the Programme Manager position. She has previously enjoyed working for TCHC as a tutor and IAG. As an experienced IAG, tutor and manager she holds qualifications in both the tutor and the IAG roles. Working mainly in the Fenlands and the Norfolk/Suffolk coastal areas, she has worked for some of the main service providers in the industry.

Estelle has an eclectic career experience. After leaving school she trained and became a florist, she trained and mentored other staff members and after her children were born she joined the family Transport Company where she learned further Management skills. These led to her managing a chain of Complementary Medical Centres and later Dental Practices, eventually allowing her skills to introduce her into the world of training, advice and guidance. She is proud of the work that the BBO Community Connections project has been produced over the last few years which has gone from strength to strength. The project has ongoing success and has constantly achieved 100% sample audits and gained an extension in 2019 to run for several further years.

The aim of the GCGP project, running across the Greater Cambridgeshire and Greater Peterborough area, is to assist those individuals who are unemployed or economically inactive towards employment or training, This project supports them, helping them overcome various barriers giving them the skills and courage to progress in their journeys. GCGP BBO work in a partnership with other organisations who specialise in overcoming different barriers, meaning they have successfully helped more people who are harder to reach, further from the end of the journey to succeed. Estelle is also one of the Wellbeing Champions and a Staff Rep for TCHC. Out of work she enjoys crafts of a more unusual kind, such as glass-engraving and making props and costumes for events.


Sharon Montgomery - Gateway Manager


Sharon joined TCHC in February 2014 and leads our Gateway Team who are the first point of contact for the majority of our adult delivery, taking referrals and booking training courses. 

TCHC as an employer appealed to Sharon as she wanted to work for a company that "put something back" and liked the idea of being able to help people improve their lives. Sharon's original intention had been to stay for a year or two in order to “reboot” her career after having taken time out to raise her children, but decided to remain at TCHC as she enjoyed her role and the people she worked with.