You Said - We Did

At TCHC we listen to what you say. 

You said: OneFile e-portfolio logins take too long to be provided to learners - Amanda Collings, Head of Apprenticeships & AEB

We did: We implemented a new process where ALL Apprenticeship learners are provided with login details within 4 weeks from sign up.

You said: We want more interesting and interactive Maths and English resources - Cheryl Dozzell, GAPS Centre Manager Clacton

We did: We have made available a range of resources, including games, which are available in the breakout area at break and lunchtimes.

You said: We would like some first aid training as part of our programme to help us move into employment. - Tyrone Bradnam, GAPS Team Leader Ipswich & Burt St Edmunds

We did: We contacted the British Red Cross who were more than happy to deliver an introduction to first aid workshop

You said:  We have a drug and alcohol worker in every Thursday morning for drop-in appointments for learners to reduce their usage. We also have iCaSH sexual health services come in every few months for group sessions. A learner asked if we could have drop-in sessions at the centre so that they don’t need to attend in the town centre, in case they are spotted by friends and family. - Deb Paine, GAPS Centre Manager Peterborough

We did: We have arranged this for Wednesdays and incorporated certain screening that can be done on-site.

You said: A tutor has been delivering training to claimants aged 50 and over at Luton Jobcentre Plus to improve their confidence, wellbeing and move them closer to employment. Following the first course that was delivered at the Hope Church, we received feedback from several learners that they would like some basic IT Skills embedded into the delivery primarily on Excel. - Paul Riddick, Programme Manager

We did: Once we received this feedback via the course evaluation forms, both I and the tutor sat down to look at the current course lesson plans and identify ways, we could embed Excel training into our delivery. It was decided that during the Managing your Money unit it was a good idea to allow learners to input their personal survival budgets into an excel document and learn basic formulas to help with their calculations.

Since delivering this within our 50+ training courses it has been well received and many users have commented on how they will be using these skills to support their home lives and future employment.

You said: I was recently booked to deliver sales and marketing training to an engineering company. As part of the planning process following the initial meetings, I sent the sales manager a scheme of work based on what they wanted to be included. We discussed how to make the initial plans bespoke to the needs of his team.

For example, after session 2 the fed back that they wanted to use the final day to drill down more comprehensively into ways of developing their marketing strategy. They also felt however that others who work more on the sales side of the team would still like to keep the focus on sales. - Lee Moorton, Head of Technology Training. - Head of Technology Training & Class2Cloud Project Manager 

You did: To meet their needs, I created a revised plan in which we split the group into two separate sessions with one delving deeper into the higher-level marketing processes and the other remaining focused on sales. Although this created a lot of extra work on my part, I felt it was really important to listen to the employer’s feedback and keep it flexible to their specific needs so that the training was beneficial. 

You said: One part of the feedback that Thurrock have had is through our employability sessions. Learners have had an issue with mock interviews and not being able to take it seriously. Learners have had tutors undertake mock interviews and peer interviews. The learners understand that they need to have experience of interviews and have expressed that they would be better working with people they do not know. - Thurrock Team

You did: What staff at Thurrock have done is reach out to external employers and career advisers from Thurrock Council to see if they would be able to conduct mock interviews and give advice to the learners. This has worked well and learners are more able to conduct themselves professionally and understanding the process of interviews.