Quality and Awards

TCHC Group Limited (TCHC) is quality assured supplier through ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001.

The company is also accredited with the Matrix Standard. This national quality standard is for any organisation that offers information, advice and guidance on learning and work.

TCHC is a company which takes pride in developing effective strategies to improve its performance and quality through its people.

The objectives of our quality policy are to:

  • Achieve and maintain quality which enhances our reputation with our customers, stakeholders and all those who come into contact with us during our day to day work
  • Set up systems by which quality can be defined, measured, monitored and improved, and by which information about quality can be captured
  • Ensure full compliance with the law and with the auditing, monitoring and performance requirements of our customers
  • Maximise customer satisfaction with our services.

TCHC is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion for all clients, partners and the public. We expect all staff and subcontractors to share this commitment.

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