Company History

TCHC Group Limited (TCHC) was set up in August 2004 and has since gained a wealth of experience working with important organisations such as the Skills Funding Agency, The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and the European Social Fund (ESF).

We have been influential in helping to create and promote new ways of engaging with employers and individuals on the benefits that improved skills can bring to both businesses and careers. Our independent status has always offered our contractors a flexibility and impartiality that has helped to raise standards within the industry.

We have gained a reputation for our quality of work, our ability to meet challenging targets and our proactive and innovative approach. We have found ourselves in increasing demand, especially in helping failing projects meet their targets. Successive project evaluations have praised TCHC for our quality, cost-effectiveness and our imaginative approach to problem solving.

In our history, TCHC has been responsible for the delivery of a variety of different projects, which has helped  thousands of people learn new skills they otherwise would not have had the opportunity to acquire.

Through the highest quality Information, Advice and Guidance from our highly trained, professionally accredited advisers we have helped people from the hardest to reach companies, people facing redundancy, job-seekers, senior managers and directors as well as working people from businesses of all sizes.

TCHC has played a big part in the success of flagship programmes such as Leadership and Management, Skills Support for Redundancy, and the Youth Contract in the East of England, helping to co-ordinate a programme that has benefited thousands of businesses and individuals. Our support has helped them survive this recession and develop vital skills and knowledge that will benefit our economy in the future.

In delivering all its contracts, TCHC has shown it can work within the stringent management and quality assurance processes set down by the respective Public and Private sector organisations.

In 2015 the company acquired All Trades Training Ltd (ATT), an outstanding training organisation that delivers Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Vocational Qualifications. ATT now forms part of the TCHC Group of companies.

TCHC is now looking forward to the future and building upon its successes to date. It has made big strides in boosting skills, but there is plenty more work to be done and it will continue to devote its full support and expertise to helping people and businesses to grow.