Prime Minister to take on 'Enemies of Enterprise'

The Prime Minister, David Cameron recently vowed to help small businesses overcome stumbling blocks within certain government departments, and announced that he would be “taking on the enemies of enterprise.”

Declaring them to be a vehicle for UK economic recovery and recognising the extremely difficult climate faced by SMEs, Cameron promised to implement a number of measures to make real difference to the way that small businesses develop.

In a bold speech he mentioned the growth potential of small businesses and admitted that there had been problems in governmental attitudes towards SMEs in the past.

He went on to highlight the abundance of rules and restrictions placed upon small businesses, the lack of large contracts and absence of business opportunities available as well as the overlooking often received at the hands of government  officials, all as major hindrances to the progress of small businesses.

He showed solidarity with the owners of small businesses when mentioning “the bureaucrats in government departments who concoct those ridiculous rules and regulations that make life impossible for small firms” and the “town hall officials who take forever to make those planning decisions that can be make or break for a business and the investment and jobs that go with it.”

In a further show of understanding he criticised the “public sector procurement managers who think that the answer to everything is a big contract with a big business and who shut out millions of Britain’s small and medium sized companies from a massive potential market.”

Since coming into power, Cameron has consistently backed small business in public, promising to throw weight behind their cause for growth.

Do you believe the Government is doing enough to support small businesses, allowing them to ‘seize the moment’ and prosper in a difficult market?

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