Hamam is grasping his UK opportunities with both hands

Like other teenage boys in Syria, Hamam Mahrat knew the day would come when he would be called upon to join the national army. He knew this meant he would become part of the civil war which had raged in his country since 2011, and he knew it would involve taking innocent lives. And so the determined young man, then just 17, did the one thing he could to escape this unbearable fate – he left the only country he had ever known.

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Annette has a bright future ahead thanks to BBO funding

She turned to the Enterprising People programme, funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery, through the Big Lottery Fund, for support. Thanks to this funding, Northampton’s Building Business Consultancy Ltd, a partner in the project, was able to offer Annette free advice on setting up her own cleaning business.

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