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Eight People Who Have Become Billionaires

Written by // Amyjoan Ojo Categories // Business Development

Most of the richest individuals on the planet all seem to have one thing in common and that is, they’re their own boss! Forbes recent release of the 21 richest people in the world also happens to be made up of 10 entrepreneurs, it’s no wonder the new generation is so business focused. Our Building Better Opportunities – Enterprising People programme encourages entrepreneurship through the provision of a variety of support aimed at helping you to achieve your dream of working for yourself. Find out more about the Enterprising People programme here: http://bit.ly/2goqb3u. In the meantime, to keep you inspired, we’ve put together a list of 8 people who started out small and through a combination of passion, handwork and consistency are now Billionaires.


6 Steps on Writing the Perfect CV

Written by // Amyjoan Ojo

We get it, the job search process can get pretty frustrating sometimes. After applying for hundreds of jobs you still seem to be hitting a dead end and start to feel like you might just be wasting your time. Well don't give up too quickly - you may just need to add a few tweaks to your CV! We've put together six major tips to getting past this dreadful stage of unsuccessful applications creating a CV that can't be ignored!


Business can profit from better maths

Written by // Liz Kirman Categories // HR and Training

Research estimates that poor maths skills cost the economy £20.2 billion a year. Good maths skills we are told, is one of the best protections against unemployment, low wages and poor health. How do we go about improving maths at work?


Think Positive- Mental Health Awareness Programme

Written by // Dominic Wade Categories // HR and Training

For the past three years, TCHC has increased its work with customers facing health and disability issues. In the last two years, I’ve worked on projects supporting people struggling with mental health from mild to moderate and sometimes severe.

The impact we have made has been life changing for customers as they have told me first hand, but also moving and uplifting for our Personal Advisers and Tutors who have delivered the personal development training and seen the customers grow and progress into more confident and inspired individuals. This is motivating for everyone.


International Women's Day - 10 Women Who Changed the World!

Written by // Amyjoan Ojo Categories // Business Development

It’s International Women’s Day 2017! A day that was first established in New York City, 1908. This globally recognized occasion celebrates of the achievements made by women all over the world politically, economically, socially and culturally as well as the struggle faced for gender equality.

To mark this terrific day we’ve created a list of 10 great women who’ve made a significant impact on the way we live today as a result of their admirable work ethic and pretty awesome yet crucial inventions.



Apprenticeship Levy – How will it work?

Written by // Liz Kirman Categories // Business Development

Apprenticeship Levy – How will it work?

The Apprenticeship Levy will start on 1 April and will have a major impact on the way Apprenticeships are funded. No longer will you get your Apprenticeships fully funded, from 1 May every business will have to pay something towards their Apprenticeship training.


Traineeships; a great recruitment tool and more…

Written by // Liz Kirman Categories // HR and Training

The problem of high youth unemployment is something that all of us should be concerned about. Employers are often surveyed and the key point that they raise is that young people just don’t have the experience they are looking for. Here is the age old Catch 22 – you have to have experience to get the job, but you can’t get experience unless you develop the skills on the job. So how can this be solved? Traineeships is one answer. They are funded by the government with the aim of helping young people get valuable and real work experience, as well as developing other skills that employers are looking for like communication and teamwork. A Traineeship is tailored to the needs of the individual and employers. Here’s how they work:


Will your business pay an Apprenticeship levy?

Written by // Vega Sims Categories // HR and Training

The Government is introducing a new Apprenticeship Levy starting from April 2017. The levy will affect employers with a payroll of more than £ 3 million a year and will be put in place to encourage organisations to invest in skills through Apprenticeships. How will Apprenticeships work for non-payers?


Budget for Business?

Written by // Liz Kirman Categories // Finance

George Osborne Chancellor of the Exchequer has delivered his eighth budget. He has revised the UK growth figures down to 2% which he states will still means that we have the fastest growth from a western economy. He has also announced that the UK will have a million new jobs by 2020. With changes to corporation tax and small business relief what are the key points from the budget that may impact on your business?



Millions Lost to Bogus Boss Fraud

Everyone it seems is under attack from fraudsters who want your money. Email Phishing is one of the most common ways to relieve individuals and businesses of their cash.  There are many ways they can do this, but there is a new kid on the block ‘confidential transaction fraud’ or CEO Fraud, that has seen businesses across Europe (particularly France) and now here in the UK lose vast sums of money to these fraudsters. In France one company lost €32 million and it is estimated that in total since 2010 French firms have lost €465 million. Businesses of all sizes have been targeted. If you haven’t heard about it, now is the time to find out more on how it’s done.

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